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DailyIndieGame is owned and operated by DailyIndieGame LLC.

Privacy Policy

We collect and store your personal information for the purpose of:
- Sending you emails which you have requested (ie: newsletter)
- Sending you emails with details of your purchase and invoices
- Sending you emails in relation with administering your account
- Sending you emails when games which you have purchased in a Greenlight Bundle receive their STEAM keys.

Refund policy:

All purchases are final and non-refundable, except where stated otherwise.

Terms and conditions for DIG accounts

1. DIG Accounts and their expiration

- There is NO expiration time for STEAM keys kept in an open and active DIG account.
- You have to register for a DIG account within 6 months after your first purchase, to claim your keys. All keys and purchases for which an account hasn't been created within 6 months after their purchase, will be cancelled and deleted. This does not apply to purchases where the user already has an active DIG account to which purchases are added.
- STEAM keys marked as USED will be autoarchived and removed from your account after 10 days, to reduce our database volume and usage. This does not affect the functionality of the key is any way. Simply put, we just stop storing it for you.
- Accounts that have been INACTIVE for over one year are deleted along with keys and DIG Points contained in them.
- An account is considered INACTIVE if the user hasn't logged in within the last calendar year (a purchase is NOT necesarry to keep an account active).

2. Refunds and replacements

- In the event that a key is faulty and DailyIndieGame is at fault, the key will be replaced with a working one, or a refund will be given for the amount the key was purchased for.
- Any claims for faulty keys must be submitted within 30 days after the key was purchased, except for cases where DailyIndieGame was at fault. Claims can't be submitted for keys which were marked as USED.

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