- DOOM Eternal will be delivered as a gift via STEAM. If possible, we will try and issue the gift as a STEAM key.
   If you don't want DOOM Eternal, you can alternatively opt to receive $60 DIG Wallet Credit as a prize.

- All purchases count towards your total.
- Please define a nickname in your DIG profile to be able to track your progress
- The contest end time is March 31 00:00 AM GMT+2:00. Please observe the countdown on this page.
- Prizes will be awarded within 10 days after the contest ends.


No. Nickname Total purchase amount   Final prize for this place:
1 UNDEFINED $464.80   DOOM Eternal STEAM gift
1 SevenV7 $265.96   $5 DIG Wallet Credit
2 jaztof $143.36   $5 DIG Wallet Credit
3 Wylus $85.20   $5 DIG Wallet Credit
4 Girolamo $59.30   $5 DIG Wallet Credit
5 Syd 🍺 $53.66   $5 DIG Wallet Credit
6 Bemiurg $51.53   $5 DIG Wallet Credit
7 UNDEFINED $51.52   $5 DIG Wallet Credit
8 gzzhhg $42.31   $5 DIG Wallet Credit
9 UNDEFINED $41.65   $5 DIG Wallet Credit
10 a_w $40.60   $5 DIG Wallet Credit
UNDEFINED $0.00    
You must be logged in to your DIG account to see your contest total.

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