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HereticOS MR war simulator is a target version of HereticOS virtual reality lab. The main goal of the lab is to do technical verification for the development of Metaverse social experience such as simulating large-scale online war. Thanks to the breakthrough of HereticOS network basic technology, HereticOS Mr Lab for war simulator can realize the real-time online interaction of the largest 100000 online players on same server and screen . The goal is that the world in one server and world is in same screen. Due to the technical and cost constraints of Moore's law, the network war experience of our laboratory can be the only experience in the world in the next 30 years, so it will be updated, developed and maintained for a long time.

Current technical direction and characteristics of the laboratory:

1. Large scale independent AI, each AI can be independently developed and implemented, and has certain social cooperation ability, such as following the arrangement of department leaders to complete specific tasks, AI is the main value and main line of war, not due to the number of players.

2. Giant units, which include multiple components and leading roles, can be found and collided, and carry basic role units to complete war tasks.

3. The client has no logic, all logic is completed in the AI virtual machine, the client has only basic input, and predicts the response to the war results, so the plug-in can be minimized.

4. The map has a maximum of 384 square kilometers, and the global public view has a maximum of 18 kilometers. There is no war smoke, so you can see every war detail in the world as long as you want.

5. 100000 units are on-line with the same service and the same screen. The goal is to serve the same service globally. In principle, they are not divided into different services. They are only divided according to the needs of regional delay. There is no copy, no krypton gold, one-time payment, limited free experience for life,

6. 256 channel 3D stereo, real-time rendering battlefield sound effect

7. Real time online large-scale rigid body experience, Titan and simple unit physical feedback.

8. Support X360 pad and vibration feedback

Play method

1. Players need to learn mainstream art tools, such as 3DMAX and C4D, to make free mod or commercial mod for the laboratory,About mod res make knowledge, can find by official community production group.

2. Players need to participate in social activities through mainstream social tools, improve your idea of war experience, and organize to find possible teams to participate in mod production. If you don't have certain social ability, then 100000 people will only have ”you“ and ”AI“

3. If you are not familiar with Chinese, you should learn Chinese and receive necessary Chinese education, such as the Ichang, because war AI is written by I Ching language. If you do not have the necessary Chinese literacy, it will be difficult to organize a war with profound significance.

Detailed play method can pay attention to QQ group of laboratory community 739924481

Player benefits

1. the exception OS MR LAB only contains programs, not MOD. You need to participate in community activities to find MOD

2. The laboratory itself is upgraded free of charge for life, with limited free service content. Limited free services include free mod experience, queuing for appointment when the server is free, etc.

3. Player mod can't contain any pornographic content and bad information. The HereticOS MR Lab war simulator is anti war, rendering people's hurt and pain caused by cruel war. Any content with inconsistent ultimate goal will not be allowed to release mod.

In the dawn DLC, we mainly show the characteristics of war experience in the HereticOS Mr lab, including four maps with different backgrounds in spring, summer, autumn and winter, In this scene, there are three defensive tower fortresses, two opposing floating castles, one attacking Castle wandering on the map, two teams, each with 30000 units. Three leaders respectively control three floating castles and two teams of ground troops. One (Zhuge Liang) controls a team of archers to fire arrows (30000), and one (Zhou Yu) controls an air castle to cruise and attack with soldiers , a (Xu Chu) gathers a sword shield soldier opposite the archer. The player can control a helicopter, manually control four simulation skills, simulate and control the launch of four bombs of different sizes and weights, and use the keyboard or handle to manually charge the skill capacitor. After the charging is completed, release the corresponding charging button to launch the projectile. After the shell hits the ground unit, the ground unit will fall Death (units in the floating castle will not fall to death at this time), and the ability capacitance determines the apparent speed of the projectile

The difference between simulated launch and numerical control launch

Simulation launch, the firing strength is determined by the skill capacitance, and the ammunition speed is regulated by the infinite

Numerical control launch, unable to control the skill firing intensity, each time the ammunition is monotonous the same parameter (speed).

Brief introduction to the development background of the laboratory

10000 people listen to bow and arrow rain, which is the basic demand index for 5g 6g Metaverse experience such as Metaverse MMORPG and Mr proposed in the early stage of the Internet in 1998, which determines MMORPG Mr's basic experience quality, listening to bow and arrow rain is a global dynamic interactive effect, which can only be realized by single map and single server, and can't be expanded in a distributed way. According to the plan, a battle in Chibi, a small-scale battle, requires 400000 people to be online on the same screen, 5-20tbps bandwidth single map server, which needs 50000 times of server bandwidth at that time. According to Moore's law, it will take 50 years, but these 20 The annual performance of the network server only increased by 2-5 times, which led to MMORPG only giving up the world map, giving up the user's social interaction and opening more copies, leading to the game transforming into the online krypton gold stand-alone game, which eventually went to failure. Therefore, the realization of 10000 people listening to the bow and arrow rain is expected to stay ahead of the world for 30 years and achieve the only real-time war experience in the world. At present, HereticOS Mr Lab for war simulator has been initially formed. The output bandwidth of 100000 people on a single map and a screen is 200g, which can realize the real-time battlefield of 10000 people listening to the bow and arrow rain on a small scale. For example, the 2D online games are generally the same as the map service 2000 units and the screen 200 units, the field of vision is 50m, the 3D online games are the same as the map service 800 units, the screen 50 units and the field of vision is 200m, while a typical bow and arrow rain needs 1500m field of vision, and the archer 2 units More than 10000 people listen to the effect of bow and arrow rain. At present, the effect of bow and arrow rain will only appear in the movie works. For example, the movie of Lord of the rings needs to serve 100000 units on the same screen, with a vision of 6000 meters, and the same screen needs to accommodate four scenes of bow and arrow rain. Therefore, the Metaverse online game effect of the movie of Lord of the rings will be the only experience in the world in 30 years

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