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* The game: This game is a first-person adventure, whose gameplay is directed to mouse and keyboard, and in it the player becomes a detective looking for clues in the scenario. Each clue found will indicate a location on the map, and the detective must go there to gain access to the panel of suspects, without the clues there will be no access to these locations. When collecting a clue, the corresponding location will be highlighted on the map. The game can always be played again, as the clues, as well as the circumstances of the crime, change every time the game is restarted, and in places where there are no clues, there may be the ghost of The Bride.

* Synopsis: My grandfather told me about this case. This was forty years ago, It was during the opening of a will, and On that day the Baron of Aurora's inheritance would be divided. Nobody knows for sure what happened during the meeting. What we do know is that the guardian of the will was murdered that night. We also know that the will and the others involved mysteriously disappeared. I have the suspect list, I have a list of possible weapons and locations. We can solve this mystery together, we can break the curse that haunts this place.

* How to play: In this game, the player plays a detective, and must look for clues in the scenario. Usually the clues are inside the towers, and where there are no clues there can be the ghost. When finding a clue, a location on the map will be released, in this location the player will be able to access the panel to "Accuse" or "Suspect" about who was the murderer, what was the weapon used and the place of the crime. Without the clue, the place remains haunted by the ghost of the Bride. If you don't intend to suspect or accuse, just click on Investigate to close the panel and go look for other clues.

* You can only speculate once per location, the second time is only for a formal accusation, and to make an accusation you need to be sure, or it's game over in case you're wrong. After speculating in a certain location, if you still don't have enough information to make an accusation, then you need to find a new clue to gain access to a new location, to be entitled to a new chance of speculation.

* When opening the panel, select a suspect, a weapon and a location, this information will represent your guess, then click on the suspect button, eliminate possibilities until you solve the case, when you have all the information just make the accusation by clicking on Accuse.

* The game generates a random result at each new start, and whenever the game starts, both the culprit, the location, the murder weapon, as well as the clues, change places.

* As I revealed above, the clues are found in the towers, in the towers where there are no clues there can be the ghost of the Bride. The Bride's ghost is bloodthirsty, its approach causes the detective to bleed. Every time she gets close a life bar appears on the screen, if it reaches zero, the scare starts before the game over.

* At first glance it may seem that the cemetery cannot be investigated without a clue, but it can, just stay away from the angel statue if you don't have the cemetery clue, if you have already found it, then go to the statue, it stands at the entrance, to gain access to the speculation or accusation panel.

* Among the various places, the most complex to access is the pier (Pier), to access it you have to go through a maze, the secret to finding a way through the maze is to follow the lights, they indicate the direction. To facilitate this, another way was created, it is possible to access the pier through the Observatory, because once on the pier, it is possible to find a shortcut that leads to the vicinity of the Cabin, without having to go through the maze again.

* The speculation location of the Cabin is in a hidden place at the bottom of it, for those who are in the Cabin, there are two passages, one goes towards the maze (Passage with an obelisk of light at the entrance), another, the one that is on the side at the back of the Cabin, towards a hidden place where the player can access the CabinĀ“s speculation panel.

* The Bride Horror Game has a common aspect of indie horror games (where the player collects items around the scene avoiding being caught by the ghost.), mixed with the aspect of card and board games (where the player tries to find out who was the murderer, which the weapon and the crime scene). Good Luck!

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