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Texas Holdem Poker: Solo King
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You can view the gameplay manual on steam.

User groups: Those who want to learn Texas knowledge to practice poker skills or professional players looking for auxiliary computing tools.

Specially train a certain range: cards will be dealt within this range, and you can train the play logic in this range. In the demo range usage, it has been shown how to issue cards within a limited range.
A good card system is dedicated to training a certain hand.
In short, if you want to play more cool cards and better targeted training, I have provided you with a method.
If you don’t understand, you can send a letter to consult me.

Learning poker skills is to play against pokerAI. Advisors and AI use the same tactical strategy. If you play repeatedly, you will understand the standard style of play. At the same time, you can find loopholes and master a set of counter-exploitation methods.
Understand the playing method and understand the meaning of auxiliary tools in repeated card games. You will quickly improve and apply the tools to practice to get real benefits.
Just look at the other party's vpip and pfr online to know the easiest range of users. This method is suitable for the vast majority of people. As for a few masters, they will deviate from this range when they act.

core function:
1: Click the function board card to set the community card, and click the hole card icon to set the hole card.
2: Different player types can be set, and each player has a different range of actions. These ranges also determine different action logics.
3: Equity calculator, draw equity calculator, EV calculator, real-time poker simulator tool.
4: Real-time poker simulator tool, this is the most important for online professional players, which greatly simplifies the time consumption of thinking and performing calculations.
5: Advisor (advisor) provides you with a standard play, the basic guarantee is not to lose money.
6: Before the action decision, provide the EV value of different actions and betsize.
7: Practice the advisor and action EV in the battle mode.

1: Free users: go to the official website to download the free mobile version, this is also the google play version, which contains google admob ads.
2: Paid users: Those who want to learn Texas knowledge to practice card skills or professional players looking for auxiliary computing tools.

Core value points:
1: Poker simulator tool: When playing poker online, professional players can display the complete mathematical data immediately after entering the opponent's range in real time according to the situation of the game table, saving users calculation time and energy, and providing standardized behavior suggestions. These real-time and accurate calculation data and standardized action suggestions help players make quick decisions.

Value point: It saves the player's energy consumption in mathematical calculations in the game, and allows the player to invest more energy to focus on the accurate determination of the player's playing range and the use of real-time data to make decisions based on experience.
Real-time display of all poker game data, which is not available in other tools. I combined the various data calculation functions scattered in multiple Texas poker calculation software into the real game. The player only needs to determine the opponent's range.

In the simulator, Preflop and postflop are also purchased professional range action data, which can be set in the simulator: stacks deep, bet size, and player position to see the real-time advisor. Now this advisor is conservative.
range data comes from rangeconverter.com/solution_formats/eight_max-MTT-Complete-Postflop-Addon-NEWOnlineViewer-yearly

The core of the simulator is that you need to have the ability to judge the opponent's range of action. This is also one of the most basic and most important abilities of playing cards.
If you don’t have the ability to display the range of Texas Hold'em at all, then you can use this tool to repeatedly play poker to familiarize yourself with the range. In the battle mode I provide the ability to display the range in real time. Let you clearly see how different people in different ranges play, and those actions are standard textbook play styles for professional players.

Real-time display of complete data: The data standard provided comes from the result of 10,000 times Equity calculated by Monte Carlo method. In the battle mode with AI, you need to turn on the observer mode switch (observer)
Data in the avatar frame:
1): EV: 0.70BB, indicating the EV data after the current operation. BB stands for the big blind value.
2): equity data for each street:
2r: 4; 12.93%. Format: 2r (to river equity, calculated to river street Equity): rank (in the current surviving players, own 2r Equity ranked); equity (own real-time 2r Equity, 2r Equity calculated from your own perspective). Indicates that the Equity data to River Street is calculated based on the player's own hole cards against other players' range or hole cards.
nd: 1; 72.67%. Format: nd (next street equity, your own Equity on the next street): rank (ranked your own nd Equity among the current surviving players); equity (your own real-time nd Equity, nd Equity calculated from your own perspective). Indicates that the nd Equity data to the next street is calculated according to the player's own hole cards against other players' range or hole cards.
cp: 1; 88.23%. cp (current street pure equity, the pure Equity of one's current street): rank (ranked of one's own cp Equity among the current surviving players); equity (your own real-time cp Equity, cp Equity calculated from your own perspective). Represents the calculated cp Equity data on the current street based on the player's own hole cards against other players' range or hole cards.
Outs: 30, which indicates the number of draws made by players on that street. At this time, you can open the hands card strength information table, and you can see the probability of the current hole cards and board cards developing to various draws on each street.

1: In preflop and river street, showing 2r is enough.
2: On flop, turn street: displays the complete 2r, nd, cp data, and on flop, turn street, you can see the outs data of the player in that street at the same time.
These real-time Equitys and draw data assist in determining the hole cards against other players' hole cards or ranges, their own hands card strength and winning ability, and help them make action decisions on various streets.

The betsize window at the top of the interface shows the human player (self) under the current action menu, the EV value ranking of each action in the action menu, the leftmost is the best, and it decreases from left to right (if there is only the leftmost data, then it is According to EV evaluation, this action is the most appropriate, and other actions do not need to be considered). This is based on the action logic shown by the EV. This is also the EV data of each action calculated by the player himself before the action. (The EV data in the avatar range is the EV data after the action, and the meaning of the two is different).
This 4-speed EV table of betsize is the data display for making decisions based on EV when displaying the street.
In fact, EV has no absolute correct meaning in action guidance before and after the flop (preflop and postflop), and it is not correct to make decisions based on the positive and negative EV.

Advisor (Advisor): Shows the decision in this street, comprehensively assessing the following content: player's hole cards, opponents' range or hole cards, current own 2r, nd, cp Equity data and Equity ranked, and the player's own position Table position, player's current stacks deep, current number of people remaining at the table, EV data of each action in the current menu, and bankroll management. The current advisors tend to be conservative, and the goal is to try not to lose money.
Advisor also implements a standardized pre-flop strategy in preflop.
Advisor also implemented the post-flop strategy suggested by rangeconverter.com in postflop.
In the battle against AI mode, you need to turn on the advisor mode switch (observer).

Click on the user's avatar to open the user's scope, view or set the scope.
Click on the hole cards, you can open to view or set the hole cards.
Click on the board card, you can open to view or set the board card.

In the simulator, click the D icon to switch the position of the dealer.
Click the gray D icon to reset the position of the dealer.

Regarding range setting or selection:
1: Provides the standard range for various filling actions in the preflop stage.
2: Provide 24 kinds of action ranges commonly used by professional players. Each professional player divides all hole card combinations into 10 action groups. You can see the action ranges of tag, lag, rock, maniac, and nit players.
3: Provides a view of the opponent's mathematical action range based on the opponent's vpip and pfr. Vpip and pfr can view these two values ​​of opponents from third-party statistical software licensed online, such as holdem manager 2.

The graphical Equity calculator provides a complete and correct Equity calculation function.
I provide complete toflop, toturn, toriver's montecarlo and Enum calculation methods. It has the same effect as

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