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Halloween Pumpkin Story

Evil spirits on the Day of All Saints give the pumpkin power and send into the otherworldly dark world of nightmare and horror, and what will happen to the pumpkin you will be able to find yourself in the world of the game!
-80%($2.99) $0.59

Marble Run 2D

Marble Run - The famous track designer brings a lot of fun and positive emotions
-80%($2.99) $0.59

Hentai Girlfriend Simulator

Have you ever thought of making yourself the perfect girlfriend? Now your dreams will come true! In this girlfriend simulator, you get complete control over relationships. Choose one of 3 girls with whom you will spend your time (or maybe eternity).
-61%($0.99) $0.39

Sex Lesson

Sex Lesson - is a regular memory game in which your main aim is finding pair pictures on the speed. After your getting it there will be a large image with beautiful girls on every level.
-40%($0.99) $0.59

Viki Spotter: Professions

Puzzle game in which you have to look for differences between two similar pictures. The theme of this game is different professions and occupations.
-85%($3.99) $0.59

Viki Spotter: Zoo

An exciting puzzle game about finding differences. Go on a tour of the zoo and explore all the available pictures!
-85%($3.99) $0.59

Viki Spotter: Space Mission

Puzzle game about finding differences in different pictures. Carefully compare the images and try to find everything they can differ.
-87%($3.99) $0.50

Viki Spotter: Shopping

Here is a puzzle game in which you have to look for differences between two similar pictures. The theme of the game is shopping in every aspect. Be all my powers of observation!
-85%($3.99) $0.59

Viki Spotter: Around The World

Help the inquisitive girl Viki Spotter to find all the differences and discrepancies in the pictures, which she saw while traveling around the globe.
-85%($3.99) $0.59

Viki Spotter: School

Here is a puzzle game that will put you in front of a difficult task - to help the little girl Viki Spotter find all the differences in the pictures, which are in the game are much.
-85%($3.99) $0.59

Viki Spotter: Megapolis

Red haired adventurer girl Viki Spotter decided to go out to the city for a walk. In front of you lies a whole new metropolis and it's different areas, in which you can find many interesting things.
-85%($3.99) $0.59

Viki Spotter: Undersea

This time, the curious Viki has decided to explore the unknown depths of the sea. And, of course, she won't be able to do so without your keen eye and precise atrention. Help Viki find all the possible differences in the pairs of pictures that you see and join her on a wonderful journey!
-87%($3.99) $0.50

Glass Masquerade 2: Illusions - Temptations Puzzle Pack

Continue your adventure in the Glass Masquerade 2: Illusions with 9 new puzzles where fantasy arts meets pin-up motives in stained glass - FREE demo puzzle included!
-25%($1.99) $1.49

Glass Masquerade 2: Illusions - Revelations Puzzle Pack

Continue your adventure in the Glass Masquerade 2: Illusions with 9 new puzzles inspired by H.Lovecraft themes - FREE demo puzzle included!
-25%($1.99) $1.49

Glass Masquerade - Heritages Puzzle Pack

'Heritages' Puzzle Pack contains 9 new puzzles across the globe, including free 'Turkey' demo puzzle - enjoy your visiting!
-25%($1.99) $1.49

Sex Apocalypse

The near future. A virus came to earth that turned all men into dangerous mutants. And only sex with girls can overcome this infection!
-70%($1.99) $0.59


DuelVox [/ b] - a first-person shooter in the western style. Defeat all the cowboys and become the best shooter in the wild west!
-88%($4.99) $0.59

Martian Potato

Galactic farmer - it sounds proud! Do you have a farm on the Red Planet?
-86%($4.99) $0.69

Running Girl

Run and get over your Dream or Nightmare!
-96%($9.99) $0.40

Space Defense

You and your space troop have a tough mission to defend Earth from an alien invasion in this epic space war. Will you be able to guide your troops to victory?
-40%($0.99) $0.59


Be fast, be first and be famous as the race returns in GRID 2, the sequel to the BAFTA-award winning, multi-million selling Race Driver: GRID.
-95%($29.99) $1.49

The Darkness II

An intense first person shooter that delivers a twisted and gripping narrative of tragedy, modern crime drama, and supernatural horror.
-92%($29.99) $2.49

Juice Mania

A great mix between Time Management and Match3! Help maria in this great Match-3 game to build her new juice bar.
-0%($2.99) $2.99

Sweetest Thing

Enjoy "Sweetest Thing", a sugar-coated time management game! Gather ressources, fix buildings and rebuild Candyland.
-0%($4.99) $4.99

Mythic Pearls: The Legend of Tirnanog

Find a way to control the Mythic Pearls and align 3 of the same kind in a row! Learn to wield the mystical powerups and watch as you triumph over the Mythic Pearls!
-0%($3.99) $3.99

Fruit Lockers Reborn! 2

An exciting match-3 twist! Fruit Lockers is back! Double your fun with Fruit Lockers Reborn! 2 - an exciting twist on the popular match-three puzzler.
-0%($4.99) $4.99


Take a swing at this amazing mini-golf game! Enjoy the realistic gameplay with more than 50 fields to play. Your time on these 3-D greens will amaze you as you play through phenomenal obstacles and unique locations, like a castle, a circus, a factory, and more. Can you come in under par?
-0%($2.99) $2.99


Build your own recycling plants and become a recycling master in this incredible Match 3 game!
-0%($2.99) $2.99

Nordic Storm Solitaire

Help northman Elof lead his people to a land promised by the God Feyr! Beware… this land is under dispute by the Jotun Idyl, an archrival of the ancient Gods. Play through 130 challenging solitaire levels and chase away the Jotun Idyl!
-0%($3.99) $3.99

Magic Farm 2: Fairy Lands (Premium Edition)

Support Iris and Robin and help them to win the Magical Tournament in "Magic Farm 2: Fairy Lands"! With help from new and old friends, new improvements to the farm, and unique upgrades, this Time Management game will have you occupied for hours!
-0%($3.99) $3.99


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