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Kirill Dunenkov
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Welcome to the Railyard - a match-3 evolved to realtime action puzzle game, fast and intensive, with lots of unnecessary visual details that doesn't help you and random weird stuff happening whether you want it or not, complete with awesome country barbecue blues and startling sound effects. The game features some mechanics unique to the match-3 genre, like choosing the destination for game pieces (car rerouting) and clearing by removing from the board instead of matching (train roll out).

Roll in, reroute crash and burn, stack and match, fuse, turn, roll out trains do whatever you want with your train cars to earn some cash, then build and upgrade your Railyard, unlock more cars, bonuses and stuff and play again.

Did I mention the game is hard? It gets harder the more you play!, copyright © 2014, exosyphen studios USA, LLC. All rights reserved.