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An incredibly colorful and dynamic clicker in which you will plunge into the world of unique monsters, visit amazing worlds and acquire new improvements over time.
-75%($1.99) $0.50

CYCOM: Cybernet Combat

AI has gone rogue! Battle for the Cybernet in this VR Action Card-Based Multiplayer Shooter!
-49%($0.99) $0.50

Dimension Drifter

You are one of the most dangerous people in the world. Our timeline has collapsed hundreds of years ago. Since then, Ancient Gods have emerged through the cracks of reality, shaping it into a twisted realm of chaos. You are the only one who can stop them. Get ready.
-97%($19.99) $0.50

Era of Survival

Set in a lost world where the player must explore dangerous forests, collect essential supplies like food and water, find materials to construct a shelter, make tools and weapons to protect your things and then start farming veggies to beat hunger forever whilst playing with other players on our Official Server or in Single Player mode.
-93%($4.99) $0.35


"接机捕鱼" is a casual competitive game with the theme of deep-sea hunting. The player controls the fishing device to launch the fishing net, thereby catching the big fish.
-90%($4.99) $0.50

Finger Soccer

"Finger Soccer" is a casual competitive game. The game uses catapults to carry out intense football matches.
-87%($3.99) $0.50

Fisherman's House

You have been kidnapped, and you don't know why and where you are. All you know is that you have to escape from this place before the fisherman kills you. In this house, you will find some items and puzzles that will help you escape from this house. Will you survive or get killed by the fisherman?
-90%($4.99) $0.50

Ghost in the pool

A bizarre campus legend, take you into the traditional Japanese black and white comic horror story. Witness the familiar scenes and contemplate the terrifying moments.
-93%($4.99) $0.35

Gravity Field

Gravity Field is a spatial-logic puzzle game with time inverted objects, with no top or bottom.
-90%($4.99) $0.50

Green Dragon/グリーンドラゴン

Tougo is a distinguished martial artist recruited by a British intelligence agency takes part in a fierce fight against mysterious Cannabis drugs lord Taito, who is also responsible for Dee's fathers death. Together with agent Alice they discover the drug lair situated at an urban city...
-94%($6.99) $0.45

Happy Summer Holiday(愉快的暑假)

This is a survival game where you play the role of Xiao Yuan, the protagonist of the game, who is stranded on a deserted island after a boat accident. In this story, you need to use the props available on the island to survive until the next day and win.
-77%($1.99) $0.45


iOMoon is a made for VR first person exploratory experience where you pilot a research vehicle equipped only with a flare and camera, into the heart of Jupiter's moon iO. Explore and survive while gathering photographic evidence in a fantastic world full of surprises.
-92%($5.99) $0.50

Mage World - The Wizard's Stone

"Mage World - The Wizard's Stone" offers a mystical platformer journey, on your adventure you need to beat bosses to get new spells. Be the heroine in 79+ levels and bring back the peace to the kingdom of Mage World.
-83%($2.99) $0.50

Miracle field

This is an experience game
-98%($29.99) $0.50


Ordeal is a third-person shooter with a WWII setting and a Low Poly style.
-90%($0.99) $0.10

Pax Romana: Romulus

Pax Romana: Romulus is an RPG/Adventure game that takes the mythological story of Romulus and Remus, legendary founders of Rome, on a different fiction. In the meantime, let the players create their own farm and design home.
-94%($8.99) $0.50


Porcini - logic platformer with coin puzzles and match-three game elements
-96%($8.99) $0.40

Reality End

Reality End brings you into Immersive warfare, where humans try to gain control over the raising androids army. Reality End is a futuristic VR multiplayer shooter, providing the latest VR mechanic and integration for a first-person multiplayer shooter.
-98%($19.99) $0.40


RENEGADE is a fast first person shooter inspired by many older shooters such as Doom, Aliens vs. Predator, Quake and many more!
-95%($9.99) $0.50

RoboBunnies In Space!

Two robobunnies team up to transport a magic crystal safely through 50 action-packed levels, protecting it from danger lurking in the shadows. With hours of gameplay that is perfect to binge alone, with a friend, or 5 minutes at a time. How deep into space can you go?
-87%($3.99) $0.50

Shark Attack Deathmatch 2

Combat in Shark Attack Deathmatch 2 is savage, gritty and brutal. Players hunt each other down in various game modes with the constant threat of terrifying sharks joining in on the bloodshed.Tear divers apart as you take on the the role as the ocean's top apex predator, The Great White.
-83%($2.99) $0.50

Solar Rogue

A space exploration adventure in the purest tradition of roguelike. Featuring procedurally generated solar systems, perma-death and tactical turned-based gameplay!
-97%($14.99) $0.45

Thyra Adventure

Thyra Adventure is a game based on medieval history. Become a warrior and save the middle earth from Zarod's hands, going through traps, facing warriors and magicians along the way.
-92%($3.99) $0.30

Waves of the Atlantide

A finite world with infinite resources. Defeat your opponents before the world collapses under your empire in this epic Battle Royale 4X RTS! A tidal wave is putting an end to this continent, will you make it through?
-97%($11.99) $0.40

White Rabbit

Defy gravity, rotate the level and collect crystals.
-94%($8.99) $0.50

Aeolus Fighter

"Aeolus Fighter" is a vertical scrolling flight shooting game. The player controls the protagonist fighter to fight the enemy in the air.
-89%($4.99) $0.55

3D Whac-A-Mole

3D Whac-A-Mole is a very interesting game of groundhog. The rules of the game are very simple. It is a success to fight all the gophers that come out.
-88%($4.99) $0.59

Aeolus Fighter 2

’Aeolus Fighter 2’ is a vertical scroll flight shooting game. The player controls the main character's fighter to fight with the enemy in the universe.
-88%($4.99) $0.59

Agni Fighter

Agni Fighter is a vertical scroll flight shooting game with future technology pictures. In the game, the player will control a fighter to fight over the city.
-88%($4.99) $0.59

Archer Hero Must Die

‘Archer Hero Must Die’ is a casual game. Players control an archer and defeat one powerful enemy after another.
-88%($4.99) $0.59


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