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Throw Knives

Throw Knives is a new casual and addictive retro-style game that will help pass the time at lunch, at work, during insomnia. Its essence is to compete in throwing knives at a tree. Sounds simple, but it's actually not that easy. Try to hit the target without hitting other knives.
-95%($9.99) $0.45

Thyra Adventure

Thyra Adventure is a game based on medieval history. Become a warrior and save the middle earth from Zarod's hands, going through traps, facing warriors and magicians along the way.
-89%($3.99) $0.45

Time Break 2121

TIME BREAK 2121 is the new Sci-Fi/Cyberpunk FPS where you control time. Whenever you stop, time flows; you move, it stops. So you better keep moving! Tune your reflexes, unholster your revolver, grab your knife and hop on to a fast-paced experience like few have ever seen.
-95%($9.99) $0.45

Tower Blitz

Tower Blitz is a fun and challenging Tower Defence game with over 10 levels
-92%($1.99) $0.15

Tower Defense 3D Fusion

A unique and modern take on the tower defense genre.
-92%($5.99) $0.45

Tower Tank: TD Reversal

An arcade-style reverse tower defense game.
-85%($2.99) $0.45

Train Tycoon

Manage your own train company! Be a businessman in the train industry, with control over everything in your business. Work, earn, invest and expand!
-92%($4.99) $0.40

Trapped Guys

Many rooms, many traps, as well as many rooms with traps ... Friends, or rivals? Trupped Guys [/ b] - multiplayer platformer, where four "friends" unfortunately have to go through a difficult test, which will show which of them is the fastest, dexterous or perhaps the most insidious?
-91%($4.99) $0.45

Traveler of Artcaster

Traveler of Artcaster is an indie adventure Rpg taking place in the mystic world named "Artcaster". Your character explores a huge open world to find his/her father who was fighting for the king of Artcaster. But with this search a big journey with many friends and enemies begins.
-77%($1.99) $0.45

Trump VS Covid: Save The World Clicker

Save the world from COVID with nukes!
-55%($0.99) $0.45

Trump Vs Rocketman

Be a USA leader and fight again Korean enemy leader against this top down strategy game
-55%($0.99) $0.45

UFO: Aftershock

UFO: Aftershock is a combination of tactical squad combat and global strategy that enhances and expands upon its prequel, UFO: Aftermath.
-89%($3.99) $0.45


Take control of the soldiers to guide them and restrain the enemy forces
-95%($9.99) $0.45

Unfinished Battle

Fast paced rts game.
-77%($1.99) $0.45

Unicorn and Sweets

Unicorn and Sweets - a game from category 3 in a row, made in 2D hand-drawn graphics.
-95%($9.99) $0.45

Unicorn and Sweets 2

Unicorn and Sweets 2 is a match 3 category game made in combined 2D and 3D graphics.
-95%($9.99) $0.45

Vacuum cleaner robot simulator: pile sos edition

In the game you control a robot vacuum cleaner! You have to avoid collision with different obstacles in order not to break down and reach the very end!
-95%($9.99) $0.45


Welcome to the VortexLabs testing facility. Here we will test your ability to solve various puzzles in order for you to make your escape.
-93%($2.99) $0.20

VR Hero Sentry

This VR ARPG makes you take up arms and choose your hero, class and your own build as you fight off hordes and titanic bosses and offers you infinite gameplay and endless customization. Upgrade your spells, buy armor and weapons, build your army and increase your hero stats to stop the underworld.
-95%($9.99) $0.45


Vylan is a 100 level tile-based platformer about beating each level under a certain amount of time.
-91%($4.99) $0.45

War Beasts

Free layout 3D tower defense war game. There are tanks and Titans on land, battleships and swarms in the sky, and missiles in space. In the face of the enemy, your weapons are not only machine guns, cannons, rockets, but also lasers, cruise missiles and interceptor satellites.
-94%($4.99) $0.30

Water Ball

Water Ball - a puzzle game from category 3 in a row, made in 2D hand-drawn graphics.
-95%($9.99) $0.45

Waves of the Atlantide

A finite world with infinite resources. Defeat your opponents before the world collapses under your empire in this epic Battle Royale 4X RTS! A tidal wave is putting an end to this continent, will you make it through?
-97%($11.99) $0.30

We Are The Dwarves

We Are The Dwarves is a real-time tactical adventure where you take control of three Dwarven astronauts and lead them through the hordes of enemies in the depths of their Universe.
-98%($9.99) $0.20

What A Trash Game

A littering simulator - spreading awareness about plastic waste in waterways through gamification and reverse psychology.
-99%($6.99) $0.08

Who Is You

Who is You is a game in which you have to help the main character figure out himself. Create a character, make the right choice from the proposed ones, control your budget, take care of your health, take a rest in time and return to the painted world.
-87%($1.99) $0.25

Wild Adventures

Wild Adventures - is the simplest 2D platformer with surviving elements where you have to do different hardcore levels playing as a sheriff living in the Wild West.
-55%($0.99) $0.45

Witch Stone

Witch Stone - arcade game from the subgenre 3 in a row, made in 2D hand-drawn graphics.
-95%($9.99) $0.45

Witch's Reign

A survival-horror, 2D grid puzzle like game centered around finding the purpose of the Witch's deed. An Untold story of her reign is still lost in the dark, full of blood thirsty monsters lurking in the dark. Features a variety of levels, difficult for puzzle experts. Take your chance- Witch's Reign
-88%($2.99) $0.35

World of bombs

World of bombs is a game for 2 to 4 players. The goal of the game is to remain the only survivor. Place a bomb to destroy the environment. –°ollect upgrades and win friends. There are 3 arenas in the game. For 2, 3 and 4 players.
-98%($18.99) $0.45


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