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A Psychological Top-Down Shooter with Earthbound dialogue. Utilize a mix of Action-stealth game play, turn invisible and outsmart your enemies. A shooter that doesn't just involve killing people...
-96%($9.99) $0.35


The Dark Necromancer has returned and is causing havoc in the Kingdom of Nangarth! He has sent his loyal servant, The Great Dark Warrior Thorg of Winstin, to resurrect 6 deadly foes in order to fulfill his mischievous plans! Play as both Thorg and our hero in this 2D action packed adventure!
-65%($0.99) $0.35

Neon Hardcore

"Neon Hardcore" - this is a game that makes you freak out the player after each death of the player character. You need to manage the green cube and get to another green reference point. But it is very difficult, as the player interfere with the rotating saws and others obstacles red color.
-92%($3.99) $0.30

Never Going Home

Never Going Home is a rogue like shoot-em up action shooter!
-85%($1.99) $0.30

Nightmare Simulator

3D Horror FPS Based On Korean Folklores & Free FPS RPG DLC
-88%($2.99) $0.35

Nightmare Trails

Fight off monsters in a national park and send them back to their own dimension!
-93%($4.99) $0.35


NightmareZ is a side-scrolling platform action game with multiple enemies, lots of fancy features and retro visuals. This is a retro styled platform and action game which will immerse you in a unique world full of good and evil demons.
-91%($3.99) $0.35

Ninja Express

▲As a great ninja, after the combat mission is over, you need to protect your identity and collect necessary intelligence at the same time. For example, part-time as a courier. ▲You must quickly complete the client's entrustment, while avoiding the attention of the police.
-93%($2.99) $0.20

Oli One: Sneak in

Discover the adventure of a boy from a small neighborhood who has to sneak into the surrounding houses to steal precious items. With vigilant owners and yards full of traps, you'll have to hide, teleport, and become invisible to escape with the money and valuable items.
-93%($4.99) $0.35


Orbs is a truly unique science-fiction multiplayer online role playing game featuring an open world where players are sent to explore, control and rule futuristic and mysterious zones in order to discover their secrets.
-97%($11.99) $0.30


Ordeal is a third-person shooter with a WWII setting and a Low Poly style.
-85%($0.99) $0.15

Outbreak in Space VR

Simple, solid, old school, 3D, challenging, intense Virtual Reality game.
-99%($2.99) $0.02

Overcast - Walden and the Werewolf

A mysterious creature has destroyed a village located near Walden's cabin, killing every person residing on the premises. Now, Walden wants revenge. This is the story of an old hunter who has nothing to lose.
-65%($0.99) $0.35

Pay Me In Colors

Pay Me In Colors is a 2D platformer game with multiple mechanics, six different worlds and over 40 challenging levels. Face meteors, gravity changing, spikes falling and missiles coming in your direction while you try to recover the colors back to your world. A game inspired by the classics of the past.
-80%($0.99) $0.20

Pew-Pew Rocket

Guitar hero meets Galactica, This is not your average space shooter. This one is special, I hope you guys love it!
-85%($1.99) $0.30


PhotonVERSE is a puzzle precision 2d platformer set in a neon universe. play 100 stages through 10 themed worlds each with its own mechanics.
-96%($8.99) $0.35

Pick, shoot, repeat!

Gun-building with 35 upgrades. Easy to control, but hard to master. Endless combinations! How long can you survive?
-65%($0.99) $0.35

Pixel Shooter

In this 2D platformer game, get your gun and shoot all monster in your way or just run away to the exit.
-88%($2.99) $0.35


PixZomb is 2D pixel-based, and it's endless your point is just try to be survive from zombie waves.
-70%($0.99) $0.30

Plane Attack

Control an airplane with a third-person view, and your task is to destroy all enemy equipment on the battlefield. Stock up on armor and fuel to last longer on the battlefield. The plane is equipped with an endless supply of missiles and bombs. Minimal interface and understandable for any language.
-93%($4.99) $0.35


Polary - is a casual game that will test how good your reaction. Orange targets appear on the playing field in a random place, the task is to click on them and earn points. And how many points can you earn?
-65%($0.99) $0.35

Post Soviet Zombies

Post soviet zombies - is an action shooter with a top view, in which you have to get out of the infected post-Soviet city for one of the four unique characters. On the way you will meet a variety of zombies, military, marauders and people who need your help in 1993.
-88%($2.99) $0.35

Press F to pay respects

Press F to pay respects is the simple clicker game
-85%($0.99) $0.15


Speak to the lost souls, caught between planes and lacking closure. Brave the dangerous Excluded Zones. Return victorious, with a story to tell. Provide closure and uncover the larger mystery that lurks.
-96%($9.99) $0.35

RADical ROACH Remastered

RADical ROACH is a fast paced shoot em’ up, set minutes after nuclear hell falls from the sky engulfing all but a few tough little bugs.
-88%($2.99) $0.35

Rage of the Pumpkins

There already has been a time our world faced the greatest danger - it was attacked by space prostitutes who wanted to conquer it and start an intergalaxy brothel! But in the end friendship came out on top! Now people of Earth have to face a new danger - interplanetal army of mutant killer pumpkins!
-65%($0.99) $0.35

Range Ball

A puzzle in which colored blocks are pushed from above and the player has to break them with a ball. Make sure that the color of the ball and the color of the tile match.
-65%($0.99) $0.35

Reflex (appid-745740)

A simple puzzle game. Simple graphics and nice music. Try your mind in more than 70+ levels. They are waiting for you.
-65%($0.99) $0.35

Retro Space Shooter

Indie game set in a space retro shooter enviroment with various levels, different enemies and some other freatures.
-65%($0.99) $0.35

Rhythm Knights: Double Treble

Play as the Rhythm Knights in this hand-drawn colorful rhythm fighter reimagining. Featuring tons of levels and a brand new input system. This package also contains a full remastered version of the original game! This is the ultimate Rhythm Knights package!
-98%($9.99) $0.15


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