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Outrage is a short cyberpunk dungeon crawler. You manage a team of vigilantes and must undertake various missions in the city to strengthen your team and your cause in order to bring a powerful enemy to justice.
-90%($3.99) $0.40

Overcast - Walden and the Werewolf

A mysterious creature has destroyed a village located near Walden's cabin, killing every person residing on the premises. Now, Walden wants revenge. This is the story of an old hunter who has nothing to lose.
-70%($0.99) $0.30

Paper Shakespeare: To Date Or Not To Date?

Welcome to Elsinore Academy, a proving ground for young royalty; where people from all over the globe come for higher learning, and the cheerleaders are literal witches. Are you ready to enroll? Maybe get with Othello? Eh? EH?
-97%($8.99) $0.30

Pay Me In Colors

Pay Me In Colors is a 2D platformer game with multiple mechanics, six different worlds and over 40 challenging levels. Face meteors, gravity changing, spikes falling and missiles coming in your direction while you try to recover the colors back to your world. A game inspired by the classics of the past.
-80%($0.99) $0.20

Pegasus-5: Gone Astray

You are a new recruit aboard a trade ship, set to make a standard route. However, things go wrong and the ship gets lost in space. You will need to build rep with your crewmates, make hard decisions, and avoid organized gangs operating in space in order for you and your crewmates to get through this.
-98%($6.99) $0.15

Perhaps When We Dream

Explore the dream. Lull the beast back slumber. Not every dream, but perhaps any dream.
-70%($0.99) $0.30


PhotoWorld is a calm travel game, the essence of which is to take beautiful photos.
-96%($9.99) $0.40


PIDO1 is a platformer in which you will have to solve logical tasks for successfully passing the levels.
-70%($0.99) $0.30

Piece of..Horror

An indie horror game about a hypermarket security guard.
-60%($0.99) $0.40

Pixel Shooter

In this 2D platformer game, get your gun and shoot all monster in your way or just run away to the exit.
-87%($2.99) $0.40

Plane Attack

Control an airplane with a third-person view, and your task is to destroy all enemy equipment on the battlefield. Stock up on armor and fuel to last longer on the battlefield. The plane is equipped with an endless supply of missiles and bombs. Minimal interface and understandable for any language.
-92%($4.99) $0.40


Challenge yourself and beat the maze alone or with your friends.
-92%($4.99) $0.40

Put In - Run Out

“Put In - Run Out” - is a runner game with some strip elements. As a true patriot, your mission is to win in a difficult fight against the main opponent of modern Russia – russophobic Zoomers. These wealthy immature citizens are subject to the negative influence of the West.
-70%($0.99) $0.30

Quest For Wartorn Brotherhood

A story of a young man that wanted to be a part of something, to have a place in this world. Follow Crowly in his adventure as he joins the Brotherhood of Wartorn. Will he be able to lift the curse that demons cast upon earth it's up to you.
-80%($1.99) $0.40

Quest: Escape Room 2

After escaping the mysterious laboratory, our hero still wants to find the truth about its origin. He finds the tracks, what leads to the center of some terrorist organization.
-87%($2.99) $0.40

Quest: Escape Room 3

The jolly party of Paul and his friends ends with a kidnapping. It turns out that they are locked in an abandoned factory by some maniac who decided to play a deadly game with them. Will they be able to solve all the riddles and escape from this dark place?
-92%($4.99) $0.40

RADical ROACH Remastered

RADical ROACH is a fast paced shoot em’ up, set minutes after nuclear hell falls from the sky engulfing all but a few tough little bugs.
-87%($2.99) $0.40

Range Ball

A puzzle in which colored blocks are pushed from above and the player has to break them with a ball. Make sure that the color of the ball and the color of the tile match.
-60%($0.99) $0.40

Red Hero Adventure

Red Hero Adventure is an adventure about a red ball in the arcade genre. Go through exciting puzzle levels, playing as the most bouncy hero! You will have to climb narrow ledges with high accuracy, jump over littered islands and dodge sharp spikes.
-96%($9.99) $0.40


Reveal is a first-person puzzle game with an intriguing story. While trying to pass the trials as a God, you also try to figure out why you don't remember anything.
-95%($5.99) $0.30

Rhino Runner

Runner Game where Rhino needs find balloons in different maps and avoid deathly traps
-80%($1.99) $0.40


My name is Ritbone ! I don't know why my parents named me Ritbone but I like it any way, I love adventure and I hate the darkness . My mom says: It’s pretty normal to afraid of the dark in this age ... but , sometimes you have to face your fears !
-97%($4.99) $0.15


ROAD HOMEWARD-an adventure with a view from the first or third person(the Kind you can change yourself), in which you will play for a character with a car that got lost.
-90%($3.99) $0.40

ROAD HOMEWARD 2: river trip

ROAD HOMEWARD 2: river trip - a small adventure in which your main task is to swim by boat to the house, but it will not be easy to do, because you do not know where to go, and the way you have to find yourself.
-90%($3.99) $0.40

ROAD HOMEWARD 4: last step

ROAD HOMEWARD 4: last step is an adventure in which you will need to fly through forests, desert, etc. for the faulty helicopter to command, in order to finish your path and safely go home.
-90%($3.99) $0.40

Robo Do It

Robo Do It is a funny game to learn logic programming without writing code by building scripts to program robots in each level. The goal is to find the best solution to create an algorithm that takes these robots into victory capsules.
-60%($0.99) $0.40

Robo Run

Robo Run - This is an adventure game on the speed of reaction.
-60%($0.99) $0.40

Room of Pandora

The Room of Pandora is a third-person interactive puzzle game. The little man is trapped in a strange room, you need to escape the room. Discover multiple endings, secret rooms, and Easter eggs. There are seven endings, corresponding to seven achievements. Some puzzles may totally blow your mind.
-87%($2.99) $0.40


An action adventure in the roguelike style with a few puzzles.
-97%($7.99) $0.25


Immerse yourself in the Russian Realities as Foreign Agents and help the Presidents Make Russia Great Again! Cooperative Multiplayer, World Government, Evil Russians and more! Russia is Waiting for You!
-60%($0.99) $0.40


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