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An endless, thought provoking, meditative Chess puzzler with a twist. Clear the board by chaining together moves.
-80%($0.99) $0.20


Circular is an arcade scoring game.
-80%($0.99) $0.20

Color Connect

Color Connect is a fun VR puzzle game with an immersive environment and a relaxing ambient playlist to suit. Lose yourself in space with over 50+ challenging levels, putting your gray matter to the test. It's simple to learn but challenging to master!
-98%($9.99) $0.20

Color Splash: Birds

Color Splash: Birds is a charming and relaxing puzzle game that will lift your spirits and take You into the world of adorable birds and art. Venture into the gallery, where you will find many extraordinary and colorful birds paintings.
-90%($1.99) $0.20

Comixxx Desires

Comixxx Desires is a casual game with relaxing atmosphere featuring high quality, hot & sexy girls done in comic book style. Put your logic to the test to solve the puzzle and reveal the girls!
-92%($1.99) $0.15


Conundrum is a puzzle game in which you play as a cat solving various puzzles in a bright and colorful dimension. This is not another game with flying objects in the air, there is a real physics that you have to fight with.
-98%($9.99) $0.20

Cool Animals

Cool Animals is a fun and challenging puzzle game. With it, you'll have to use your various skills to be able to overcome the challenges that exist in each level.
-90%($1.99) $0.20

Cool Lady

This game is a classic memory game with several levels of difficulty and beautiful arts. Enjoy ;-)
-80%($0.99) $0.20

Crash Race

Crash Race is High speeds, abrupt stops and unexpected maneuvers are what awaits you.
-80%($0.99) $0.20

Crazy Boom

Crazy Boom - A futuristic game about a paranormal vision of a taxi driver of the surrounding world, where he drives along the road, collects bonuses and fights against imaginary enemies.
-85%($0.99) $0.15


Cube Puzzle - Think Logically! raise your IQ! Help the cube go through ten levels!
-96%($4.99) $0.20

Dangerous Lands 2 - Evil Ascension

In this action game, you join the dark side to bring prosperity in the evil ascension.
-90%($1.99) $0.20

Dark Side of Fate

Dark side of Fate is a perfect 2D quest with hardcore elements where you have to resist ancient evil playing as a forester Noah.
-80%($0.99) $0.20


Deployment is an intense competitive top-down shooter game. Infosoldiers, made of pure information, fight in an endless war between governments and megacorporations to rule over the digital systems that control the world. Deploy your troops from up to five different classes!
-98%($9.99) $0.20

Dick Hook

Dick Hook is a fun third person game in which you will have to attract naked girls with your dick !!! Draw all the girls in the game, without exception! Visit colorful winter locations and real space! Play and have fun with pleasant music!
-80%($0.99) $0.20

Drink And Girls

This game is a classic puzzle game with several levels of difficulty and beautiful arts.
-90%($1.99) $0.20

Drone Delivery

Are you tired of waiting for your order for hours? It is said that if you want to change the world, it starts with you!
-98%($10.99) $0.20

Dropshipping Simulator

Dropshipping Simulator, sell to customers by buying products cheaply! Earn money by making smart cyrptocoin investments! Decorate your house any way you want! and eat a good meal!
-90%($1.99) $0.20


DRUM'N'BASS MASSACRE is a high-velocity aerial combat shooter where you destoy your enemies while performing unimaginable maneuvers using your interstellar interceptor, accompanied by original drum and bass soundtrack
-96%($4.99) $0.20

DuelVox: Max Quality

DuelVox: Max Quality is an offline first-person shooter made in western style. In this game there are many levels with different tasks, to complete them you will need ingenuity and dexterity, and sometimes even strategy.
-99%($19.99) $0.15

Dungeon Bar: Gachi Puzzles

Dungeon Bar is a classic puzzle game in neonoir style. You will have to piece by piece collect pictures of legendary personalities of the Gachimuchi...
-80%($0.99) $0.20

Коты Воители

Cats Warriors is a strategy game made in 2D hand-drawn graphics with cute cats.
-98%($9.99) $0.20

Evening Ecchi

Evening Ecchi is an addicting game in which you have to solve puzzles with Lovely Girls.The game is perfect for relaxing.
-92%($1.99) $0.15


In Explosiver you will live a story with many bullets and explosions, controlling William. You'll be able to play in first person or third person, and you'll have several weapons to help you in the main objective, besides, of course, a special ability that can be used by the protagonist.
-96%($4.99) $0.20

Express Simulator

This is a challenging leisure strategy game. Players have to go to different places to get express delivery, and send them to different destinations to get the corresponding reward. Players need to get the required reward in a limited time.
-80%($0.99) $0.20


You are the glass eye of a very forgetful explorer and you must solve the long lost secrets of an ancient ruin to find your way out of the maze. The genre is fantasy puzzle solving while rolling a glass eye through a maze. Discover forgotten secrets in a lost world behind the Bermuda Triangle.
-93%($2.99) $0.20

Eyewitness Hopper

Eyewitness Hopper is a runner-style arcade game. Where you have to jump up and down avoiding many enemies and obstacles in your path and gain points setting new records.
-80%($0.99) $0.20

Fancy the Frog

Be a hero Fancy the frog. finish levels and avoid dangerous enemies
-90%($1.99) $0.20

Fantasy Jigsaw Puzzle 5

Challenging 6 x 6 jigsaw puzzles, featuring warrior female characters in epic fantasy settings.
-93%($2.99) $0.20

Fantasy Memory - Sexy Mermaids

Train your brain with this memory game, revealing sexy mermaids hidden under viking symbols which you have to match.
-93%($2.99) $0.20


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