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Power Brain Trainer

Funny and interesting exercises for brain training! Ukrainian developers’ team works on this great project which helps to upgrade your brain quickly.
-99%($11.99) $0.10

Prince Of Wallachia

Prince of Wallachia is a historical action platformer with atmospheric levels and historical characters
-99%($6.99) $0.10


Play a little, or a lot -- there's no skill ceiling, so you can always get better and better.
-93%($0.99) $0.07

Soldier in the darkness

You will be dropped off on an island occupied by zombies and have to find the rescue point to get out of it, but don't forget that your goal is to kill the zombies. Being rescued without killing is not an option and you will be remembered as a coward.
-95%($1.99) $0.10

Tempo Wizard

Tempo Wizard is a funny four beats plan battle game.
-90%($0.99) $0.10

The Mystery Of Woolley Mountain - Art Book

Get hold of your very own The Mystery Of Woolley Mountain - Creating The Game Art Book! Featuring, detailed character analysis! In depth detail on each scene! Fun facts! Detailed review of each tune on the soundtrack! And the story behind the real life Helmholtz Resonators!
-95%($0.99) $0.05


vision\memory\maze - a maze game with visual memory and logic.
-90%($0.99) $0.10

Wild Times

Wild Times - Top Down Shooter, where the player dodging all kinds of dangers, fires back and performs various tasks, finding and improving his weapons throughout the game, getting bonuses and moving from one world to another.
-90%($0.99) $0.10

Zoo Cleaner

This game will allow you to plunge headlong into the work of a zoo cleaner at breakneck speed. You have to clean out all the sewage of this zoo and the most important thing is not to fall into the clutches of dangerous animals!
-90%($0.99) $0.10

Aircraft War: Car Wars

Aircraft War, now with Car Wars continue to have fun. The game adds more excitement to you with 5 different maps with different player cars and enemy cars. You can also play co-op on the same computer screen as your friend. Or, you can choose versus and try to shoot each other with your friend.
-89%($0.99) $0.11

A Killer's Sorrow

What if you were the killer? Wouldn't that be a thrill? But what if you're being hunted by an evil greater than yourself? Will you run, hide,...or will you fight back?
-96%($1.99) $0.08

A.D.M(Angels,Demons And Men)

Angels,Demons And Men(A.D.M) is a difficult apocalyptic hack n slash RPG.Explore the worlds for clues and collect required items.Master combat skills and learn god-like spells,slay various demons and prepare to save the world.
-99%($9.99) $0.07

Afterworld King

AfterWorld King - Top Down View - A logic game where the player beats off the skulls of punishment and burns the souls of sinners, each completed task brings one step closer to victory.
-95%($2.99) $0.15

Airplane Tycoon

Manage your own air company! Be a businessman in the air industry, with control over everything in your business. Work, earn, grow and become an air transport tycoon!
-98%($4.99) $0.10

Alone In The Mars

Alone In The Mars is a 2D side-scrolling shooter. Your main character is a cannon operator at a guarded facility. Your goal is to defend the mines from malicious insect-like geeks for a year. Order upgrades from the main base and protect civilization from an alien threat in all possible ways!
-92%($1.99) $0.15


This is a continuation of the fascinating game aMAZE. Now in 3D!
-85%($0.99) $0.15

Angels vs Demons

Welcome to the heavenly world, in which you have to fight with demons. They have surrounded the heavens and are trying to destroy everyone. But there are angels at your disposal, ready to expel the enemy.
-98%($9.99) $0.15

Animal Match

Animal Match is a simple match 3 game, drag the screen, drag the animal icon to get a high score. Made in Construct 2. Enjoy your game!The game has nice graphics and music.Collect as much jelly as possible and how to get more points.Forward!
-98%($7.99) $0.15

Any Fish

Any Fish is a simple match 3 game, tap screen drag and drop the fish get high score. Made in Construct 2. Enjoy the game!The game has nice graphics and music.Collect as many Jelly as you can and get the most points.Forward!
-98%($7.99) $0.15

Bloody sand

You are an elite soldier of the special SWAT unit, the cases of breakthroughs have become tougher in the south of Syrii, your task is not to let the terrorists move on, clean small settlements and block the approaches at the borders.
-85%($0.99) $0.15


With your bow and arrows, survive to stronger and stronger enemy waves, full of monsters and boss in BowmanVSZombies ! Unlock worlds, unlock special powerups and survive as long as possible!
-97%($4.99) $0.15

Brain Test

Interesting quizzes on various topics. Take the tests and learn a lot. Improve your knowledge.
-97%($3.99) $0.10

Bullet Grinder

Bullet Grinder - Pick up your trusty cannon and make your enemies rain lead! Blast your way through hordes of robots in this hardcore platforming game that will kill you in no time if you hesitate
-96%($3.99) $0.15

Charades Movie One

Solve movie charades, guess which pictures represent which movie names
-98%($9.99) $0.15

Christmas Cats Revenge

Christmas Cats Revenge is a Christmas themed 2D Platform Action game based on the story of the war which broke out between Kim Cats and Kon Cats Kingdoms.
-85%($0.99) $0.15

Connect the Dots

Connect the Dots is a casual puzzle game with many difficulty levels.
-85%($0.99) $0.15

Cosmic Cat

Cosmic Cat - Top Down Shooter is a game about space travel, battles in outer space, destroying planets and buying upgrades to help you overcome obstacles and advance as far as possible in your mission.
-95%($2.99) $0.15

Dark Disharmony

In the role of a will-o-the-wisp you will have to reveal all the five murdered members of the deathmetal band to broke loose hell on the Earth!
-85%($0.99) $0.15

Data mining 2

Data Mining 2 - casual colorful minimalist puzzle in which you have to collect all the files that are not corrupted to exit the closed circle.
-85%($0.99) $0.15

Dragon Chase

Dragon chase is a small game hybrid between a platformer and a runner where you take the control of a knight being chased by a Dragon. Avoid being ripped by the Dragon, dodge traps and fend off enemies on a randomized environment.
-92%($1.99) $0.15


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