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Knockdown the Ball Twice

Meet the most annoying ball rolling game!
-90%($5.99) $0.60

Lawnmower Game 4: The Final Cut

Fulfill your dreams in this new part of lawnmower series. Cut grass with new mower with new character.
-70%($1.99) $0.60

Lawnmower Game: Find Trump

Lawnmower is back. Now your mission is to drive awesome lawnmower in big open world, collect items and finally find legendary Trump
-90%($1.99) $0.20

Let's Pet Pets

Let's Pet Pets lets you pet pets of all different types and sets. Pet Points buy helping hands and items. Quests give you heart points. Heart points buy eggs and upgrades. You can prestige to get heart points and reset your helping hands and items. Upgrades and Pets are permanent.
-88%($4.99) $0.60

March Forward

Choose troops and go to the battlefield. March Forward is a war simulation game controlled by a third-person mode, focusing on subtle troop operations. In the game, you need to choose a troop and command them to win in all kinds of difficult battles.
-88%($4.99) $0.60


Mardori is a spaceshooter game with aspects of ARPG's. Upgrade your ship with various materials from missions, craft your equipment with damage or defense mods., create new weapons using blueprints, unlock new missions with Stargate.
-93%($8.99) $0.60


MUZEGATE is a virtual concert application with sensational techno and EDM music, vivid lightshows, DJ view and 3 original environments. Ideal for virtual reality, but PC support is also included.
-88%($4.99) $0.60

Night Racer

Enjoy this Indie racing game featuring cross-platform multiplayer, many levels, championships, cars, skins, boosts, toppers and more
-92%($7.99) $0.60

Oli One: Sneak in

Discover the adventure of a boy from a small neighborhood who has to sneak into the surrounding houses to steal precious items. With vigilant owners and yards full of traps, you'll have to hide, teleport, and become invisible to escape with the money and valuable items.
-97%($4.99) $0.15

Pandemia: Virus Outbreak

Swipe cards to face the deadly virus threat in this story driven strategy game. Step into the world in which you will face the decisions that world leaders make in the event of a deadly virus threat. Every decision have consequences.
-85%($3.99) $0.60

Peg Solitaire Adventure

This game is an implementation of the board game Peg Solitaire. The objective is, making valid moves, to empty the entire board except for a solitary peg in the central hole. Seven types of game layouts.
-97%($19.99) $0.60


PewPew! - move, shoot and upgrade!
-39%($0.99) $0.60

Ping Pong Pufferfish

Aim precisely to get into the glass jar. Ping Pong Puffership is a challenging puzzle game in which you toss a ball until it hits the jar. The fewer balls you use, the more points you get!
-85%($3.99) $0.60

Pixel Puzzles: Japan

Pixel Puzzles: Japan combines traditional jigsaw puzzle style gameplay with light video-game interactivity.
-88%($4.99) $0.60

Project First Contact

Hundreds of UFOs have subjugated Earth nations and the aliens began their so-called "Project First Contact": conquest of the entire planet.
-87%($2.99) $0.40

Psychiatrist Simulator

Have you ever wanted to be a psychiatrist? Now you can! Be a shrink for 14 days. Meet 14 patients with unique story of their lives. Diagnosis, treatment, chosen dialogues have impact on history of patients. The choice is yours.
-87%($3.99) $0.50

Psychiatrist Simulator 2

Take role as Dr. Smith, psychotherapist. Game consists of real people video recordings. Talk with them, treat, learn about psychology. Your choices have consequences, at the end you will see what happened in their life after meeting with you.
-93%($4.99) $0.35


PSYCHO - is an exciting 3D shooter with hardcore elements where you will explore an abandoned psychiatric hospital playing as a fighter SWAT.
-39%($0.99) $0.60

Quantum Apex

Sci Fi Stunt/Street Racer With Nitrous. Strong emphasis on fun. I need time to morn my baby boy :( progress halted until further notice.
-39%($0.99) $0.60

Realistic Tower Destruction

Game allows you to build many kinds of towers from a variety of bricks and experience their dynamic destruction physics in a sandbox environment.
-91%($4.99) $0.45

Sea Scenes

Sea Scenes is a boat and ship driving game. There are no gameplay objectives or missions, just WASD-based boat driving in 3 different levels and 7 different ships.
-91%($6.99) $0.60

Sex Holes

Sex Holes - is the simplest 2D puzzle the final goal of which to give you pleasure!
-80%($2.99) $0.60

Sex Lesson

Sex Lesson - is a regular memory game in which your main aim is finding pair pictures on the speed. After your getting it there will be a large image with beautiful girls on every level.
-40%($0.99) $0.59

Sex Simulator - Love Room

An interactive sex simulation game, featuring realistic high definition graphics and characters.
-92%($4.99) $0.40

Sex Simulator - Office Affairs

An interactive sex simulation game, featuring high definition graphics and videos with realistic looking characters, set in a beautiful decor. You play the role of a hot CEO, receiving a lot of requests from your very needy, very competitive, female staff.
-92%($2.99) $0.25

Sex Simulator - The Cabin

An interactive sex simulation game, featuring realistic high definition graphics and characters. You play the role a guy in a luxurious cabin with 3 gorgeous women.
-80%($2.99) $0.60

Sex with Teachers

Sex with Teachers - is the simplest puzzle which can help you to develop your visual memory and enjoy hot pictures of sexy ladies.
-39%($0.99) $0.60


SEXY STRIPPERS - is the simplest 2D puzzle the final goal of which to give you pleasure!
-80%($2.99) $0.60


SKIBIDI BACKROOMS is a cooperative horror game for a group of 1-8 players. Solo mode is also available. You have to survive among the BACKROOMS and find a way out before you are overtaken by the SKIBIDIST. Updates and various interesting things await you...
-70%($1.99) $0.60

Slav Junkie Simulator

You live in a small soviet slav eastern european cyberpunk city. You have severe heroin addiction that you need to sustain. Heroin is very expensive and earnings in a rural city are very small, barely enough for survival. Survive one week.
-90%($4.99) $0.50


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