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Zombie Road Rider

Drive through cities and forests infested of zombies, crush all the undeads on your way, rescue the survivors in different environments and unlock all the vehicles. Achieve the best score!
-96%($8.99) $0.40

You... and who else?

YOU... and who else? is an addictive Strategy game developed by Aldorlea Games. Recruit troops, improve your skills, conquer castles and progressively unite the world under one banner. Your ability to come up with a good tactic will be tested!
-94%($6.99) $0.42

1000 Needles

1000 Needles - is the simplest 2D platformer with dynamic gameplay and nice graphics where you will have to do various levels playing as a porcupine.
-80%($0.99) $0.20

a Story of Merchant

a Story of Merchant is a 2D side-scrolling, Action-RPG, Set in an The old Town of Ayotha.
-77%($1.99) $0.45

Air Dash

Minimalist style, frantic time management and equipment management game of managing a Budget Airline Tycoon. Air Dash.
-55%($0.99) $0.45

Anime And Your Life

This is more than a game. This is your whole life!
-95%($8.99) $0.45

Architecture Zeitgeist

Architecture Zeitgeist is a project that aims to popularize and make architecture education accessible. The game consists of 3D tours where the player will be able to visit and interact in real time with iconic architecture projects.
-95%($9.99) $0.45

Beer and Skittls VR

Beer and Skittls is a strategic VR game that will challenge your skill level of throwing.
-77%($1.99) $0.45

Candy Smash VR

Satisfy your hacking and slashing needs in colorful and mushy candy world. Experience the most fun you can have with VR and HTC Vive controllers smashing stuff!
-55%($0.99) $0.45

Castle Commander

Pick attackers up and toss them into the air, moments later a satisfying squish as they hit the ground. Defend your castle from hoards of attacks. Upgrade your castle, land, and research with new defences & technology.
-91%($4.99) $0.45

Clicker: Mining Simulator

In this game you will have an exciting immersion in the world of mining. You can earn the crypto currency and after selling it, follow the exchange rates, choose the currency that you like more and buy equipment to improve your farm.
-55%($0.99) $0.45


A painting meleon without any talent - and a talent without money. Help your meleon-artist to satisfy his need for recognition in this ultimate Idle-Painting-game where everything is about being part of a great community to reach your goals together with other players to become a famous painter!
-55%($0.99) $0.45

Cyberpunk Sex Simulator

A simulator in the style of cyberpunk that will cheer you up! And in fact, not only the mood. In this game, control takes only one hand!
-55%($0.99) $0.45

Delude - Succubus Prison

The game has a seal for people over 18 years old. DELUDE is Studio Halissoni newest work. DELUDE is a game with an engaging and mysterious story. In this game you are in the shoes of Luiz D and need to find the exit of the succubus prison.
-55%($0.99) $0.45

Doom of the Clawn

The walking circus had just arrived to your town, in need of new members. You stumbled upon them, hoping to join but instead were taken and trapped inside their lair. Armed with a toy gun and the will to survive, you get up and start your escape!
-55%($0.99) $0.45

Five Nights at Backrooms: Waifu Edition

Welcome to Backrooms, to a previously unknown level. The Backrooms are inhabited by special entities that look cute, but when you get close to them, they'll do anything to kill you. Their peculiarity is that they move only at night. Yes, on this level Backrooms has a day and night shift.
-89%($3.99) $0.45

FreeFly Burning

Fly the spherical drones, pass the levels in different modes, set new records!
-77%($1.99) $0.45

Furry Milfs

Furry Milfs - is the simplest 2D puzzle the final goal of which to give you pleasure!
-77%($1.99) $0.45

Good doktor

Game simulator of the work of a general practitioner in a hospital. Your goal is to identify diseases in patients and achieve the highest level. Take care of the routine of the physician, control of coupons and carefully check each incoming patient for the presence of certain diseases.
-94%($6.99) $0.45

Goofy Golf Remastered Steam Edition

Goofy Golf Remastered is a 5 reel, 25 pay-line slot machine (pokie) with a Zany Golfing theme, oriented from left to right.
-89%($3.99) $0.45

Gopnik Simulator

This is a clicker game in which you play for gopnik. Eat sunflower seeds, talk with friends, drink and increase your skill!
-55%($0.99) $0.45

Hardcore Trivia

Challenge your brains and have a fun time! Hardcore trivia offers questions for many needs. It's time to test your knowledge! 6 themes: All-Stars ice-hockey Quiz, Caribbean Flags Quiz, The Roman Empire Trivia, European Flags Quiz, Solar System Trivia and General knowledge Quiz!
-91%($3.99) $0.35

Hentai Girlfriend Simulator

Have you ever thought of making yourself the perfect girlfriend? Now your dreams will come true! In this girlfriend simulator, you get complete control over relationships. Choose one of 3 girls with whom you will spend your time (or maybe eternity).
-55%($0.99) $0.45

Hentai Maid Club

If you dreamed of a luxurious housekeeper who will not only clean your house, but also fulfill all your secret desires, then this game is for you! To win over your housekeeper, you need not only flattering compliments, but also an outstanding mind.
-55%($0.99) $0.45


HoloSprint is a gesture controlled racing game. This means you do not need your keyboard or controller to drive your car. Just stretch your hands out in front of you and start steering.
-77%($1.99) $0.45

Huge Jaws

Huge Jaws - a game about a shark in the indie simulator genre, made in cute 3D graphics with nice music.
-98%($24.99) $0.45

I wanna go home

Can't stand working overtime anymore! Must find some properties to get rid of this ugly office,be aware of the mean boss,don't get caught by him!
-89%($3.99) $0.45

Idle Shapes

Idle game with simple mechanics and addictive gameplay. Buy upgrades and use prestige system to reach the final goal. Every upgrade matters, every prestige purchase is important. No endless goals and infinite boring gameplay. Just pure fun and reachable goals.
-89%($3.99) $0.45

Idle Worlds

An idle game with unique gameplay features. Travel between 8 different worlds and upgrade local generators to increase your profit. Use unique upgrades system to boost your stats or discover even more interesting prestige system to maximize your profit.
-95%($9.99) $0.45

Idle: Generators

An IDLE game for your fun and relaxation. Generators based gameplay and two prestige systems with various gameplay possibilities
-91%($4.99) $0.45


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