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Magic defense

Welcome to the single-player strategy game made in the style of Tower Defense. You will plunge into the magical Middle Ages to build a powerful defense to protect the bag of gold from the raids made by greedy trolls and other magical characters
-90%($6.99) $0.69

Magic defense 2: The Return of the Legend

A horde of stupid magical characters want to destroy the stronghold of good magic and become the only owners of magic! You are the only one who can try to stop them!
-93%($9.99) $0.69

Medieval Wars

Real-time strategy. Your lands have been attacked by a horde of evil orcs. They have surrounded the kingdom and are trying to take it away you have the power. But there are countless knights at your disposal who are ready to stand up for their native land.
-93%($9.99) $0.69

Mummy, mummy, mummy!

Mummy, mummy, mummy! - a puzzle platformer game about mummies, made in 2D hand-drawn graphics.
-93%($9.99) $0.69

RADical ROACH Remastered

RADical ROACH is a fast paced shoot em’ up, set minutes after nuclear hell falls from the sky engulfing all but a few tough little bugs.
-77%($2.99) $0.69

Shawarma or Shaverma

Shawarma or Shaverma - a rogue-like game made in 2D hand-drawn graphics in which you need to help Shawarmyonok Gennady .
-93%($9.99) $0.69

The forgotten phobia

The forgotten phobia is a horror puzzle game made in 2D pixel graphics.
-93%($9.99) $0.69

Throw Knives

Throw Knives is a new casual and addictive retro-style game that will help pass the time at lunch, at work, during insomnia. Its essence is to compete in throwing knives at a tree. Sounds simple, but it's actually not that easy. Try to hit the target without hitting other knives.
-93%($9.99) $0.69


Prove that you can get out of the dungeon. Solve all the puzzles and kill everyone. Be merciless and then you will win
-77%($2.99) $0.69

Water Ball

Water Ball - a puzzle game from category 3 in a row, made in 2D hand-drawn graphics.
-93%($9.99) $0.69

Witch Stone

Witch Stone - arcade game from the subgenre 3 in a row, made in 2D hand-drawn graphics.
-93%($9.99) $0.69

YORG.io 3

Defend, Attack, Survive! Build up your base and defeat the zombies with this unique combination of tower defense, base building and supply chain management. Now with multiplayer, mods and loads of new content!
-90%($6.99) $0.70

Zen Cube

Zen Cube a game where your hobby will be your greatest fun. The Zen cube arose from the idea of the Zen Chess game that allows the player to perform only the checkmate of the chess move, with the Zen Cube you can make the last 2 moves to finish the Magic Cube.
-25%($0.99) $0.74

Aerial Destruction

Take off your helicopter and unleash destruction on the armed groups of bio-engineered mutants through various missions and environments !
-92%($8.99) $0.75

Concrete Jungle

Concrete Jungle is a city planning deck-building game. Place buildings using cards in your deck and earn new ones as you progress! A genre-blending game packed with cool ideas that swaps micro-management for a more puzzle-like approach to city planning.
-89%($6.99) $0.75

Shadowrun Returns

The unique cyberpunk-meets-fantasy world of Shadowrun has gained a huge cult following since its creation nearly 25 years ago. Now, creator Jordan Weisman returns to the world of Shadowrun, modernizing this classic game setting as a single player, turn-based tactical RPG.
-95%($14.99) $0.75

In a search of a new home

Are you ready to enjoy the adventure of the fox and help him find a home? A lot of different locations, obstacles, enemies, nice music and other bonuses are waiting for you in this platform game!
-62%($1.99) $0.76

1812: Napoleon Wars

A strategic game about the war of Napoleon and the Russian Empire.
-93%($6.99) $0.50

Defense of Roman Britain

Tower defense Game to safeguard the land of Rome.
-88%($6.99) $0.84


梦究竟对一个人来说意味着什么? 我看完《梦的解析》有感而发,利用一个周末创作了这款游戏的原型,然后花了一个周末补充和优化体验,我会在玩家的吐槽中逐渐成长起来的。
-15%($0.99) $0.84

Raptor Territory

Engage in epic team battles, Conquest the Nest, Deathmatch, and much more. Raptor Territory is a strategic action game that allows you to immerse yourself into some of these most fascinating game modes through the journey. Be into the shoes of a Deinonychus in this PvP quest and conquer the World.
-5%($0.99) $0.94


A set of mini games to take some time off your everyday routine: Arrow shooting, 2D space shooter, Endless runner, Clicker.
-81%($4.99) $0.95

One Hundred Ways

100 (115!) tricky levels to solve “One Hundred Ways” to achieve it! The goal - make the ball reach its goal. Sounds simple - but it's not!
-81%($4.99) $0.95

Combat Force

Combat Force is a first person shooter down to its core, currently offering a thrilling zombie mode experience with a day and night cycle, power-ups, unlockables, quests, easter eggs, zombie variants and much more fun! Currently Developed by 1 man to create the ULTIMATE FPS SHOOTER.
-76%($3.99) $0.96

123 Slaughter Me Street 2

In this exciting prequel to the hit game "123 Slaughter Me Street", we find out the deep dark secrets that lead up to the madness of this series. You find yourself confused with blood on your hands in a dark house with only a flashlight to guide you.
-86%($6.99) $0.99

Beer and Skittls VR

Beer and Skittls is a strategic VR game that will challenge your skill level of throwing.
-50%($1.99) $0.99

Cat and fish

You are a brave cat who got lost in the forest in search of food. You have to collect all the food, while getting out of the forest alive. Be careful, because the forest is full of various traps and obstacles!
-90%($9.99) $0.99


There is nothing in the Cubrick.
-50%($1.99) $0.99

Dead Drop

Dead Drop is a tense two-player game of espionage and deception, where one player has to blend into a crowd and mimic AI movement to avoid detection from the other player.
-83%($5.99) $0.99

Коты Воители

Cats Warriors is a strategy game made in 2D hand-drawn graphics with cute cats.
-90%($9.99) $0.99


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