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Alien land

This is a special simulation tower defense game, where you need to command each citizen to build a base. To produce food, one also needs to resist monsters from the night.if you want to pass the level, it has a certain difficulty and requires you to have a certain strategy and observation rules.
-84%($4.99) $0.80

Fly Fly Dragon!

Embark on an epic adventure as a mighty dragon in "Fly Fly Dragon!"
-100%($199.99) $0.99

Haunted Nightmares

“You learned to run from what you feel, and that's why you have nightmares. To deny is to invite madness. To accept is to control.”(Megan Chance) - A top down game that puts you into nightmares in which you are hunted by „shadows“.These nightmares are your personal labyrinth.
-0%($0.99) $0.99

Hentai Jigsaw Puzzle Collection: Autumn

Enjoy the jigsaw puzzles with high quality sexy hentai girls! Move the puzzle pieces to make the complete image 14 different jigsaw puzzles to complete uncensored puzzles Remarkably cute graphics great music and atmosphere Note: All Characters 18+ Years Old.
-0%($0.99) $0.99

Hidden Breaking Bed Top-Down 3D

Find the objects that are hidden on the map.
-100%($199.99) $0.99

Hidden World 3 Top-Down 3D

Find the objects that are hidden on the map.
-99%($99.99) $0.99

Hidden World War II Top-Down 3D

Find the objects that are hidden on the map.
-100%($199.99) $0.99

Mainframe Defenders

MAINFRAME DEFENDERS - Turn-based tactics centered around gear and unit customization. It offers simple combat, high replayability, and tons of loot. Items don't just provide stats boost, but also offer distinct mechanics that can be combined into powerful builds.
-83%($5.99) $0.99

Road Draftsman

Fun combination of parking and puzzle game in which you draw the path of cars to their parking spot.
-90%($9.99) $0.99

Space Crafting

Your ship crashed on an uninhabited planet, you need to get resources and repair the ship.
-99%($99.99) $0.99

Tanks Battle

Defeat the enemy tank with the help of logic and tactics.
-100%($99.99) $0.45

The Mythical City

Protect the magic crystal, to which waves of enemies are coming!
-90%($9.99) $0.99

The Ultimate Shot

You are the only hope, but thanks to your rich experience we are sure you will do well!
-99%($99.99) $0.99


Sharpen your brain - Widen your eyes - Grip your fingers. Here coming the Strange dream with full of puzzles, diverse landscapes, enchanting climate, spectacular villain and stunning little stories will take you to a RPG themed puzzle journey.
-75%($1.99) $0.50

Codex of Victory

In this sci-fi turn-based strategy with real-time base-building elements, you’ll be defending human territories against the transhuman Augments. Expand your HQ, and manufacture and upgrade an army of advanced drones to wage interplanetary war for Humanity!
-90%($14.99) $1.49

King and Assassins

Discover the digital adaptation of this renowned two-player game. Can you safeguard the King all the way to his castle? Danger abounds in an angry mob controlled by your opponent. Three assassins are planning to murder the monarch! Get ready for a fight – the hunt is on!
-79%($6.99) $1.49

Simply Cubic

Draw a route to where you want to the black cube to go. Take care to draw by anticipating what may happen after starting the route. Remember, your right to draw a route is limited. Make good use of these rights!
-25%($1.99) $1.49

Expect The Unexpected

Expect The Unexpected is a roguelike, fast-paced, turn-based game with RPG elements. Interact with random generated maps in which you have to deal with hundreds of different events and situations. What will you be? What will you become?
-70%($4.99) $1.50


Spider is a unique puzzle game that puts players in the role of a brave spider, exploring a variety of stunning environments and overcoming challenges. Players need to use the spider's special abilities and intelligence to solve puzzles and complete the objectives of each level.
-20%($1.99) $1.59


Mistakes are not an impediment, but an opportunity to grow. Play and learn from your mistakes. Come and recharge your hopes.
-60%($3.99) $1.60

In Marte - ArtBook

This special edition contains an eight-page PDF, which contains initial sketches to even 3D artwork. Also comes with the game's HUD along with a complete game soundtrack folder.This product was designed and produced by StartDev Games.
-18%($1.99) $1.63


Organize amazing swinger parties and match people, activities, rooms, and toys for an explosive evening. A light-hearted sex-positive puzzle romp that also supports a good cause.
-40%($2.99) $1.79

Crusade of Deitra

Get ready to face the lands of Deitra. Choose your class and fight to change your destiny.
-35%($2.99) $1.94


Ambusher is a tower defense game. Set your traps. Build your towers. Prepare your defense and survive until sunrise.
-0%($1.99) $1.99

Dead Man's Draw

Dead Man’s Draw is a simple and strategic game of luck and skill that boils down strategy gameplay into a single, tense decision.
-72%($6.99) $1.99

I Am a Rock

A rock's solar system odyssey.
-0%($1.99) $1.99

The Mystery Of Woolley Mountain Soundtrack

Enjoy all the wonderful music from The Mystery Of Woolley Mountain in this rich and eclectic soundtrack from the game. All songs written by David Lightfoot and Jonny Barnard.
-77%($1.99) $0.45

Wildlife Planet: The Incremental

Wildlife Planet is a Simulation & Idle game with the theme of wildlife and nature. You will unlock more and more species as you level up and learn the species knowledge. This is a game with refreshing scenes, immersive background music, and different kinds of wild animals and plants.
-30%($2.99) $2.09

Meer's: Escape

Meer's: Escape is an island version of the classic city simulation. The game expands on some of the deep-rooted tropes of the city-building experience while introducing new gameplay elements to recognize the excitement and challenges of creating and maintaining a real city.
-35%($3.99) $2.59

A pirate quartermaster

Did you think you'd win with a snap of your fingers? Did you think you'd see a crew as a number? Did you think you'd gorge without fear of judgements? But, sir, you're not in the Royal Navy. The pirate's life is a life of dreams. And it's precisely because we have a shitty life that we have dreams.
-83%($17.99) $2.99


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