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You are a little robot moving and jumping through levels searching for the teleport. This is an one-button game with awesome pixel art and an impressive soundtrack.
-40%($0.99) $0.59


Ritter is a knight, whose purpose is moving along the walls of the castle to destroy enemy soldiers and collect honor medals at the same time.
-40%($0.99) $0.59

You... and who else?

YOU... and who else? is an addictive Strategy game developed by Aldorlea Games. Recruit troops, improve your skills, conquer castles and progressively unite the world under one banner. Your ability to come up with a good tactic will be tested!
-92%($6.99) $0.59

The 'I Love Money' Show

Grab a weapons and fight! Play single player campaign or with friends in local coop. Wins the one who collects the most money!
-40%($0.99) $0.59

Out of Oblivion

Out of Oblivion is a first person survival horror game. Explore a complex where you will face a mysterious threat. Can you find your way out?
-70%($1.99) $0.59


Our princess has been kidnapped by a demonic wizard. Mike is not the first one who tries to save her; but he will be the last! Play against the enemies which getting harder each level, and defeat the wizard to get the princess.
-49%($0.99) $0.50

Box Factory

Box Factory is an isometric puzzle game where the player needs to push boxes on the right tiles in full 3D and teleports.
-40%($0.99) $0.59


SkyTime is a 3D platformer in which you slow time, dodge bullets, destroy turrets and overcome obstacles! If you ever played Superhot or Cluster Truck, this game combines them both!
-49%($0.99) $0.50

Finger Guessing King

A kind of leisure competitive game similar to guessing boxing, which has the element of luck and tests the wisdom and strategy of players.
-49%($0.99) $0.50


Enjoy the classic arcade gameplay with sexy girls gone wild!
-70%($1.99) $0.59

Adventures of the Worm

Adventures of the Worm is a puzzle game in which you play as a worm. Your goal is to transport all apples into your home. You will need to remove obstacles, create paths and avoid enemies.
-49%($0.99) $0.50

Blood Island

The navigator Navi'Tan from the southern lands finds a mysterious fragment of a crystal resembling a ruby. He decides to solve the riddle and collect all the parts of the artifact together, especially since the stone began to control the mind of the young sailor.
-40%($0.99) $0.59

Hentai Girl Puzzle SCI-FI

Try to finish all the Levels! Hot Hentai Girls are waiting for you!
-49%($0.99) $0.50

Naughty Memories

Enjoy the classic card match gameplay with high quality, realistic, sexy girls gone wild!
-70%($1.99) $0.59

Hentai Milf Quiz

You must remember the school curriculum and answer the most interesting questions on the topic of the lesson, just remember that it is not so simple, because after the correct answer your game teacher will remove one piece of clothing from himself.
-40%($0.99) $0.59

Power of Love

This is a novel puzzle game. It creatively asks you to control two people simultaneously. The game consists of three chapters and the levels become more and more difficult. Its a perfect game to exercise your brain.
-49%($0.99) $0.50

Nippon Ecchi Jigsaw

Ecchi jigsaw game. Solve over 10 different mature ecchi style nude images and enjoy.
-60%($0.99) $0.40

Sweet Tooth 2

Sweet Tooth 2 - is a physical puzzle game with a side view. In the second part, there are more new items to pass, the game has become more difficult! I bet only 25% of people will pass all the levels and only 1% will collect all 3 candies in each level.
-85%($3.99) $0.59

Choco Pixel 2

Choco Pixel 2 is a minimalist colorful puzzle which goal is to get the toy car to the finish using 4 directions in space and avoiding traps.
-70%($1.99) $0.59

Sex Apocalypse

The near future. A virus came to earth that turned all men into dangerous mutants. And only sex with girls can overcome this infection!
-70%($1.99) $0.59

Shuffle World

Shuffle World is a platformer puzzle game where the player makes unreachable areas reachable by shuffling pieces of the level.
-40%($0.99) $0.59


On an old farm there is something strange. There is a curse on the lawn and hungry zombies come out from under the ground. You play for a small cow and your goal is to dodge the waves of zombies coming out right under the hooves. And hold on as long as possible.
-51%($0.99) $0.49

Countryballs: Over The World

Countryballs: Over The World is an adventure game based on Countryballs jokes with a story mode and two endless modes.
-75%($1.99) $0.50

Ghostman: The Council Calamity

Ghostman: The Council Calmity is a Point and click adventure game set in space.
-40%($0.99) $0.59

Tricky Fox

Help this little fox by jumping on tiles but don’t fall down! Tricky Fox is the sequel to Tricky Cat with all new gameplay, graphics, music, sounds, and much more levels. Are you able to challenge yourself again?
-40%($0.99) $0.59

Whiskey.Mafia. Leo's Family

1920 year. New York. City of high hopes and broken dreams, friends and traitors. Can a humble guy Christopher, the son of a port worker, make his American dream come true?
-90%($5.99) $0.59

Game club "Waka-Waka"

Game Club "Waka Waka" [/ b] - computer club simulator!
-40%($0.99) $0.59

Fiery catacombs

Your next step may be the last. Immerse yourself in adventure and try to survive in the catacombs littered with traps.
-75%($0.99) $0.25

GraFi Easter

GraFi Easter - casual, colorful, minimalist, physical puzzle with traps, treadmills, portals, easter eggs and changing gravity.
-70%($1.99) $0.59

Slime Quest

A colorful adventure of a small green slug in a fairy-tale country.
-49%($0.99) $0.50


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